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Google APIs
Google App Engine
Web Application Frameworks
Javascript and its Libraries

Why We Are Here

Having a Developer Group in JSS would help bring up the IT skillset of our students to a newer height and bring them to terms with all things happening in and around Google and Open Source.

The student learning process will be very intuitive and exciting when it comes to all GDG events. The students will take back a rich technical experiences and awareness without being bogged down by long theoretical sessions.

The way GDG comes into the scene is that it plans for events that are concise but technically enriching.

Our Event Structure

Categorically GDG JSS Noida will offer 4 kinds of activities namely :

  • Workshops - Sessions by professionals/trained students on topics of concern. The session would be interactive and tutorial in nature.
  • Seminars - Lightning talks on concerned topics by IT professionals and regular speakers.
  • Meetups - Provide a platform for regular meetups in college premises and be a source of information about all events taking place in and around Delhi/NCR.
  • Hack-a-Thons - A social experience for coders to collaboratively develop smart, innovative, intuitive applications on varied platforms in a time bound scenario.

Google's Support

Google intends to support the GDGs by providing web presence, event resources and technical knowhow on everything that it works on or has to offer.

Collaboration being the key factor a healthy community and making community members more productive and creative being another important consideration, Google Developer Groups plans to work in and around the same.

From a students perspective Google provides a perfect platform to learn about Google technologies and Open Source technologies in a collaborative manner.

Our Goals

As a developer group for Google we broadly classify our goals to be as follows :

  • Bring out a radical change in the mindset of the college CS/IT crowd.
  • Develop an innovative approach to tackling and solving problems.
  • Provide a platform for budding technology evangelists.
  • Provide a community driven support system to college audience.
  • Expose different avenues to students to pursue their technological interests.

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